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P. Cuypers' Grave, Amsterdam

The architect Pierre Cuypers was and still is particularly well known for his neo-gothic churches, the Central Railway Station in Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum in the same town.

Cuypers’ grave in Roermond which he had originally build for his second wife, is of a more modest design. It consists of a bluestone memorial pillar with four 90 cm-high limestone statues on it. The grave had subsided and had been otherwise damaged and in 2006 it was decided that restoration was in order.

Also, the four statues had suffered seriously from weathering; only the statues of Caecilia and Catharine were in a reasonable state. The “Petrus” (Peter), the name refers to Cuypers’ first name and to the keeper of heaven’s gate, and the “John” (Johannes) had been weathered to such an extent that they were almost unrecognizable. The two statues of the women have been copied in Portland stone, the two apostles were reconstructed and also made in Portland stone.

John, copy and original.
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Cecilia, copy and original.
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