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St John's Cathedral

The tuffstone statues are replaced by Portlandstone ones, designed and made by Ton Mooy after the themes of the old works.

Click here for an article on the restoration. (in Dutch)

One of the sixteen newly designed
statues on the flying buttresses.

The angels that were still present
at the southern side aisle were in
a bad state, hands and faces were
severely weather-beaten, wings had
broken off entirely or partly and
cracks were everywhere.

In a number of places the old angels
had long ago been removed to prevent
pieces from falling down.

The eight remaining angels were
completed i.e. missing parts were
made in plaster and used as examples
for eight new angels.

For the six spots where angel
statues have disappeared,
entirely new designs were made,
among which the now famous
"angel with mobile phone".