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Vreedenhoff, Nieuwersluis

The gateposts of country estate Vreedenhoff near Nieuwersluis-on-the- Vecht date from 1760. The gate is famous for the beautiful design of the ornamental iron work in particular but also the sculpture of the gateposts is of outstanding quality. On closer inspection it became clear that cracks had formed all over the natural stone. Twenty years before the pillars had been dismantled and glued together again and maybe these gateposts from 1760 could have lasted another ten or twenty years. Now, however, the old work was still intact and the finances and the will to restore were there ! Moreover, the knowledge and the craftsmanship was now available. With all this close at hand it was decided to replace the old gate-pillars and crowns by copies.

The old pillars are exposed in glass pyramids in the back gardens of the country estate and so they are protected from further weathering.

We made all the sculpture work on the pillars and crowns.