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Jacob van Campen, Saint Joris Church, Amersfoort

The most famous Dutch architect of the Golden Age is Jacob van Campen, designer of the Palace on the Dam (Amsterdam) and the Mauritshuis Museum (The Hague), among others.
After leaving Amsterdam he lived on the Randenbroek Country Estate in Amersfoort for 30 years.

When he passed away in 1657 he was buried in the Saint Joris Church in Amersfoort and an epitaph with putti (angels) and a name-plate was placed on his grave.
However, what was missing is a bust that people of his stature are supposed to have.

I was given the assignment to design a marble bust of Jacob van Campen, that could be placed with the epitaph and complete the monument.
With a copy of the only engraving of Jacob van Campen in hand I carved the bust out of Carrara Statuario, the famous marble from Tuscany, Italy, the material that is used for monumental statues for ages.

I think this portrait does justice to the man who designed the 'eighth Wonder of the World', as the Palace on the Dam was called.

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